What is TrulyMail?


TrulyMail is an email client (we think it is the best one around)

TrulyMail is a private messaging system (replace email messages with TrulyMail messages and get the extra benefits of automatic encryption and a lot more)

TrulyMail is FREE and runs on Windows XP and later. Though we do offer some premium services to make TrulyMail even better.

TrulyMail protects you by keeping your decryption keys only on your computer (they are never sent to our servers).

NSA Spying: We have designed TrulyMail so even if a government agency (from any country) had access to our servers (which they have never had), they would not be able to view your messages because the decryption keys are only on your computer (even we cannot read your messages). You can read more about our encryption. However, since we use AES-256 and RSA-4096 you can feel safe that it will take a very long time (far, far beyond a human lifetime) before anyone could read even one of your messages.

Download TrulyMail and see for yourself why it is "Truly better than email™"


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