General Messaging Features (FREE)

  Feature TrulyMail
* Enhanced address book Yes Yes
* Automatic tracking of last sent and last received
date for each contact
Yes Yes
* Spell checking in many different languages Yes Yes
* HTML and plain text messages Yes Yes
* Adding notes to messages Yes Yes
* Tagging messages with colors Yes Yes
* Changing subjects on sent and received messages Yes Yes
* Reply to Sender, Reply to All, Forward, Resend,
and Follow-Up (unique to TrulyMail) response types
Yes Yes
* Advanced search engine to find messages and attachments Yes Yes
* Automatic trash removal
(removing items from trash after 10 days, for example)
Yes Yes
* Ability to control how a sender's name is displayed
(display how they sent it or how you prefer it)
Yes Yes
* Automatic embedded script removal
(to keep viruses and trackers off your computer)
Yes Yes
* Automatic embedded IFrame removal
(same reason as script removal)
Yes Yes
* Ability to remove some remote images while leaving others
(to keep others from tracking you)
Yes Yes
* Option to delay sending of messages
(write an email and have it automatically send in the future)
Yes Yes
* Ability to read messages aloud to you (text-to-speech) Yes Yes
* Quick filtering on message list Yes Yes
* Ability to show, hide, and repostition columns (in the message list) Yes Yes
* Ability to group by any column in the message list Yes Yes
* Show or hide the folder tree and quick filter (more screen space) Yes Yes
* Message preview pane (horizontal, vertical, or not at all) Yes Yes
* Ability to set a startup password (stop others from opening TrulyMail) Yes Yes
* Message tagging to easily find what you need Yes Yes
* Ability to send VoiceMail messages Yes Yes
* Ability to zoom while reading messages (read even the smallest text) Yes Yes
* Reminder system (even create reminders when sending messages) Yes Yes
* New mail popup notification with custom sounds Yes Yes
* Ability to minimize to the system tray Yes Yes
* Can install on a USB drive and moved between computers
(no need for webmail)
- Yes
* Embedded audio player (play voice mails within TrulyMail) Yes Yes
* Advanced processing rules (for incoming and outgoing messages) Yes Yes
* Compact message view to increase reading area Yes Yes
* Ability to find within message contents Yes Yes
* Ability to read RSS feeds, including embeded media Yes Yes
* Contact list on main window for faster access Yes Yes
* Read messages in full-screen mode Yes Yes
* Can automatically select duplicate messages Yes Yes
* Quick Actions (for replying, replying without body, etc.) Yes Yes
* Automatically removes dangerous message content (scripts, applets, etc.) Yes Yes
* Can convert messages from HTML to plain text for easier reading Yes Yes

Email Client Features (FREE)

  Feature TrulyMail
* Advanced return receipt processing Yes Yes
* Unlimited attachment size (size may be limited by your email provider) Yes Yes
* Ability to view email headers Yes Yes
* Easy setup for all popular email hosts Yes Yes
* Easy return receipt processing Yes Yes
* Import messages from Outlook Express, Incredimail (and .eml files) Yes Yes
* Can manually send read receipts Yes Yes
* New "Reply with attachments" option Yes Yes

Premium Client Features (paid)

  Feature TrulyMail
* Send encrypted email to other TrulyMail users (even the subject is encrypted) Yes Yes
* Extract attachments from multiple messages at once Yes Yes
* Can manage a "do not send" list to stop accidental emails Yes Yes
* Newsletter mode (send to multiple recipients individually) Yes Yes
* Sender / Subject highlight matching messages Yes Yes
* Easily add special characters to message subjects (♂, ♥, ♀, ∞, and more) Yes Yes
* Ability to change sending account for multiple contacts at once Yes Yes
* Stay in full-screen reading and delete and load next message Yes Yes
* Insert HTML tables into message body when composing Yes Yes
* Limit email downloads: To just those received in past 24 hours Yes Yes
* Can right-click when composing to paste attachments from clipboard (images, text, etc. - it will create the files for you and attach them) Yes Yes
* Themes: Can change the way TrulyMail looks Yes Yes
* Message receive log: A list of all messages received and where they went Yes Yes
* Favorite folders: Quick links above the folder tree for frequent folders Yes Yes
* Local message encryption Yes Yes
* Seemless attachment encryption/decryption Yes Yes
* Drag-and-drop attachments onto contacts to attach them Yes Yes
* Auto-create attachment dynamically from clipboard contents Yes Yes

Additional Details

* Download size 13 MB 10 MB
* Upgradable with activation code Yes Yes
* Price (TrulyMail Premium can be purchased in the TrulyMail Store) Free Free


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