Version: TrulyMail 3.0.35

Release Date: 2011-07-05

New Features

  • Added ability to add comments when submitting information to TrulyMail Support
  • Added ability match on sending account for message processing rules
  • Added prompt when sending message without subject, along with ability to disable the prompt
  • Changed main window and compose window to no longer copy entire row when ctrl+C is pressed
  • Added attachments to encrypted web messaging
  • Added check on startup if TrulyMail was not shut down properly to prompt user to send an error report to TrulyMail Support


  • Fixed errors with messaging processing rules when matching based on senders email address on sent messages
  • Fixed an error where reply-to-all would only add the first TrulyMail recipient and skip the other TrulyMail recipients
  • Fixed errors when printing messages
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