Version: TrulyMail 3.0.36

Release Date: 2011-07-12

New Features

  • Added setting to allow users to turn off default behavior of replies to plain text emails being plain text. Option is on options window on email tab.
  • Added ability to forward RSS articles
  • Added received and read dates when printing sent messages
  • Added shortcut menu to Message Processing Rules window
  • Added ability to read aloud RSS articles in preview pane
  • Added feature where folders will expand when hovering while dragging folders or messages
  • Added ability to drop a folder on the attachment section of the compose window – it will be automatically zipped and added as an attachment
  • Added Edit Contact as a menu option when right-clicking on recipients and senders who are already in the address book
  • Added scroll bar to AutoText area for plain text AutoTexts
  • Removed shortcut of {del} from AutoText manager File->Delete menu because pressing Delete in text area was deleting AutoText entries


  • Fixed error where message processing rules with multiple actions could become duplicated
  • Updating sent messages with received/read dates will now work properly if read receipt comes in before received receipt
  • TrulyMail will now update sent TrulyMail messages with received/read dates even if they are not in the sent folder
  • Fixed error where server being down for maintenance would show notice twice to user, now it only shows once
  • Changed where Message Processing Rule windows open
  • Fixed error where TrulyMail would send request to change Server Notification Message even if it didn't change
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