Version: TrulyMail 3.1.0

Release Date: 2011-08-24

New Features

  • Added ability to close Send Data to TrulyMail Support window by pressing ESC button on keyboard
  • Added Web Page Monitor as premium feature
  • Changed RSS feed inbox selector to support adding folders
  • Changed the way folders are selected in the search window
  • Improved the Move Message window
  • Added warnings when RSS feed has errors
  • Added images to message column headers
  • Sped up selecting multiple messages. Selecting 1,000 messages now takes only a second where it used to take minutes
  • Improved responsiveness during multiple deletes
  • Added backup settings files which are automatically restored in case of corruption
  • Changed how columns are resized to give a smoother feel to users
  • Moved Show Zoom Bar option to other tab so it is next to Maintain Zoom Level
  • Contact list in compose window now shows tooltips when hovering over a contact
  • Changing the Tags in the compose window will now prompt the user to save
  • Changed the way unread message counts are handled when starting to make TrulyMail start more quickly
  • Added auto-complete to Tags textbox on Edit Contact window
  • Added ability to choose font when reading plain text messages
  • Added ability to zip attachments to email recipients to save space
  • Increased startup performance
  • Added ability to export messages in .eml format
  • Improved the process of deleting local data after closing TrulyMail account so even log file will be removed


  • Fixed a minor error when unblocking remote images for certain senders
  • Fixed error where plain text RSS articles could show that scripts were blocked (plain text cannot contain scripts)
  • Fixed errors hiding columns in message list
  • Fixed so now forwarding RSS articles will now show the original sender as the RSS source, as opposed to the current user
  • Fixed error where zoom bar on preview window would be at minimum position but show 100% when 'maintain zoom level on new message' was chosen
  • Fixed error where on special circumstances a message could be deleted from the server without showing on the client
  • Fixed errors related to displaying email address of sent messages under certain circumstances
  • Fixed errors which would cause sent messages to be wrongly flagged as spam by the recipient
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