Version: TrulyMail 3.1.19

Release Date: 2012-01-27

New Features

  • Changed remote image selector to checkboxes, supporting delete button
  • Added notification to users when a message is too large for an email provider
  • Added toolbar button to change to plain text in compose window
  • Added quick filters on the main form under the Filter link
  • Added ability to export individual messages to .eml format when reading
  • Added version to Server Connection Test dialog... so users can see the version before TrulyMail is fully setup
  • When adding new email contact, if auto-tie to SMTP account is checked then SMTP account will be set for new contact
  • Changed experience when setting up TrulyMail with existing account
  • Added password strength indicators to setup wizard, options, web message, and startup password windows
  • Changed startup password window
  • Added shortcut menu to RSS link (when reading RSS items)
  • Added setting to convert new RSS items to plain text
  • Added additional logging


  • Fixed minor errors
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