Version: TrulyMail 4.0.1

Release Date: 02-02-2013

New Features

  • Added Newsletter mode (TrulyMail Premium only) for sending messages
  • Added random feature for on-screen keyboard when entering password
  • Improved memory utilization
  • Added ability to configure alternating row highlight on message list
  • Enhanced TrulyMail Updater
  • Changed default auto-update from automatic to download and notify
  • Added contact selector to main window
  • Changed password reset functionality
  • Added ability to highlight matching sender or subject (TrulyMail Premium only)
  • Added ability to add RSS feed when not online
  • Added ability to press F11 while reading message to have message body display in full screen mode (like a browser)
  • Added ability to disable auto-column resize on message list
  • Beautified several areas withing TrulyMail
  • Improved how TrulyMail handles with monitors change (most useful for TrulyMail Portable)
  • Added tool to select all duplicate messages in a folder
  • Enhanced message tag tool to support free text
  • Added Message Action area to message (including reply, reply without body, etc.)
  • Improved ability to switch between composing in plain text vs. HTML
  • Added check for duplicate email address when adding email contact
  • Improved RSS download error notice
  • F2 can now be used to rename folders in the folder tree
  • TrulyMail will now prompt use to recreate encryption keys when they get too old (configurable)
  • Ctrl + and Ctrl - can now be used while reading a message to zoom in and out
  • Added option to not transmit when clicking send (messages will stay in outbox)
  • Added Message->Create Processing Rule from Message (matching sender or subject)
  • Added items automatically removed from messages (scripts, applets, remote linked content, etc.) to offer better privacy to users
  • Added Send Now (right click messages in outbox) to send messages set for future
  • Added ability to drag-and-drop password to Login window (to defeat keyboard and clipboard loggers)


  • Fixed minor errors
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