Version: TrulyMail 4.3.0

Release Date: 2014-12-19

New Features

  • Added higher resolution options for auto-resize of images when sending as attachment
  • Added "Do Not Send" list so users can block email from going to certain email addresses (premium only)
  • Add some new symbols to symbol selector on new message subject line (premium only)
  • Added Extra->Extract All Attachments menu item to extra all attachments from a group of messages (premium only)
  • Added ability to have TrulyMail read aloud your composed message before you send it (premium only)
  • Added Right-click menu item "Delay sending 1 hour" for messages in outbox (premium only)
  • Added "Refresh folder" when right-clicking folder in the folder tree
  • Added Right-click menu item "Filter messages by contact" to contact selector (premium only)


  • Fixed minor errors
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