Version: TrulyMail 6.0.1

Release Date: 2016-12-15

New Features

  • Added local message and attachment encryption with startup password (beta and Premium only)
  • Attachment encryption works seemlessly allowing user to drag out, double-click to open, etc.
  • Added time indicator on Send Later window when sending new message
  • Added "Hide after today" for outbox setting so only messages scheduled to send today are include in the message count
  • Made Process Rules window more attractive
  • Beautified overall interface creating more consistency
  • Improved use of color when matching sender/subject on main message list (Premium only)
  • Enhanced RSS attachment download processing
  • Improved overall performance
  • Added some emojies when composing new messages
  • Enhanced updater to use less bandwidth when downloading updates
  • Added "rescue" feature. Hold down shift while starting and upper-left of main window will be set to 0,0 and size will be set to 800x600
  • Beautified search window
  • Can now drop files from Windows onto contacts to create message with attachments (Premium only)
  • Added importance to contact selector on main window to allow "pinning" high priority contacts at the top
  • Can now drag message from main message list to contact selector to forward message
  • Added "Copy File" for attachments when reading messages to allow pasting in Windows
  • Added work-around to Gmail problem when receiving a message that has only BCC recipients (no TO, no CC)
  • Added "read" button to message list so user can quickly mark msgs as read/unread with a click
  • Added "New email to this address" when reading message to compose new message
  • Adding a table when composing a message now defaults to a transparent background
  • Added menu to paste clipboard contents as attachment (Premium only)
  • Sending read receipt or refusing to send read receipt will now be added to a note on the message
  • Processing rules applied to the message will now be added to a note on the message
  • Added "Reply with attachments" and "Reply-all with attachment" to quick action list when reading messages
  • Added processing rule filtering (useful when you have many processing rules)
  • Added tooltip when hovering over account drop down (send/receive) to show when last message was receive and how many messages were received at that time
  • Added support for animated emojies
  • Added ability to manually send read receipt - even if no receipt was requested
  • Added print button to toolbar on main window


  • Fixed minor errors
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